Chun Kai Industries (HK) Ltd established in 1999 specializes in producing and developing Switch & Jack, such as Tact Switches, Multi-function Switches, Slide Switches, Push Switches, Toggle Switches, Rocker Switches, Micro Switches, Leaf Switches, Detector Switches, Hook Switches, DC Power Jacks, AC Sockets, Phone Jacks, Tilt Sensor Switch, USB Sockets etc.

Chun Kai Industries (HK) Ltd has completed a merger and acquisition in early 2018.A Japanese switches and connectors brand, “Daiichi Parts”will take over by Chun Kai Industries (HK) Ltd , which could enlarge the product range, production capabilities and R&D in the long term.

In the 21st century, as electronics products focus on lighter and smaller, in addition in eco-friendly features such as energy and resources conservation. Chun Kai Industries (HK) Ltd is willing to face the challenge enthusiastically and work hard to create the better future for all of us. Hope you will give us your best supports and guidance as always.

In respect of the quality control and environmental protection, our factory surpasses the ISO9001:2001 standard so as to achieve the global standards; In order to satisfy the needs of customers and the market demand, we have also launched into improvement on the relevant products of "RoHS" and "REACH" by controlling the raw materials, manufacturing and finish goods strictly, to ensure the products meet the relevant environmental standards.